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Today we were printing a HUGE cheetah print mural and even though I am not a huge fan of most country music found myself singing this song:

And this is the mural that inspiring my morning song:

CW-ID_1381 – Jungle – Childrens and Kids Murals – Italian and European Wall Murals – Removable Wallpaper

This is print PERFECT for a bedroom or livingroom! So, here is to less cheaters and more cheetahs!

Enjoy your day!!!

We always connecting:


Today is grey and rainy and I have had just about enough of it! Which is why I made the video below of tropical places (that I am not). For a few years of my life I lived in Arizona and Florida. It was warm and sunny most days and I really liked that part. Alas, I moved back to NH (and I really do enjoy the seasons most of the time) and am now within minutes to my mum and friends….and they make it all worth it. Even on the most cloudy and dreary day! 

Custom designed Wallpaper- Pretty Awesome!

Hi all! I know it is another case of long time, no hear…What can I say? I have been busy printing away!

Recently, we had a customer fall in love with a discontinued wallpaper. She sent us an image and asked if we could help.

This is the picture she had…Lovely, isn’t it? 

And she wanted us to try to recreate it they best we could.

So, we came up with this:

Pretty darn close, huh?

So, in about an hour we had blown away a client and were able to show off what we can do.

If you had an old design, photo you love, or just an idea of what you would like we can design just about anything and make it into a patterned or full image wallpaper that is so personal. Because it is about you and what you love.

Come visit us at www.customizedwalls.com or email sales@customizedwalls.com for more information

Pantone Color of the Year- Tangerine Tango for Custom Printed Wallpaper, Murals, and More!

Last week, the color of the year was announced by Pantone. It is a bright and fiery orange tone that reminds me a lot of a classic Hermes scarf on a bright New England Fall day. 

This color leads to lots of fun wall art designs that will brighten any room.

 This painting reproduction wall mural size would add lots of romance and drama to a bedroom, living room, or even hallway or alcove.

 I love this image for a cozy reading area or dining room. Squint and picture it as your very own custom wallpaper.

 Ah, a sunset colored image of a world map. Kind of makes you think of buried treasure! Would be ideal in a boys room or even the family den!

 We lived in Arizona for a time and I miss the painted evening skies. Oranges of browns are very hip colors for 2012. Maybe it’s time to try something a little Western in your living room or family room murals?

 This photograph is just about the most gorgeous I have ever seen. In a wall mural, it would be a total show stopper.

 This faux stone would warm up an area and make you feel right at home in any room. You could use it on walls, stairs, bookcases, and more.

 Ah, Broadway! Nothing better than the bright lights of NYC for your theater lover. This would have been awesome in my room as a teenager!

 My daughter’s BFF is very much into elephants and every time I see this adorable photo, I think of her. Don’t you think she would LOVE it in her bedroom?

 50’s vintage art is very much in vogue. Perhaps this mural would be perfect for your TV room or home theater.

 Living in New Hampshire, this reminds me of home. I can see this wall mural on any wall in the house.

What a fun vintage hexagon paper. You really could use this on any smooth surface in your home. Think backsplash, cabinet doors, ceilings, walls, and more. It is fun and bright and certainly would make you happy when you passed by!

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

I have spent much of the morning working with the design department on a really cool mural of a train. I think transportation themed rooms with for all kids are so fun. Below are a few images that I think work well for boys:

Find here

Find Here

Find Here

Find Here
And, we can not forget the girls: 
Find Here

Find Here

Find Here

Find Here
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Printing Space Murals makes us Spacey

So, we are printing space murals here at Customized Walls today. This one in particular http://www.customizedwalls.com/Product3969-cw-id_1305.htm. Our customer is having us add some art of a little astronaut with her son’s face on it into the mural near Planet Earth. What a cool idea and what a cool mom, huh?

Well, this all got us thinking about Space, black holes, and time travel. Today, it is gorgeous in New Hampshire and I could not be happier to be right where I am but MAN, there have been times when I am waist deep in snow that I would like nothing better than to stick my toes in the warm sands of Fiji. So, how about you? Where would you go if you could go anywhere in the galaxy today?