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Today we were printing a HUGE cheetah print mural and even though I am not a huge fan of most country music found myself singing this song:

And this is the mural that inspiring my morning song:

CW-ID_1381 – Jungle – Childrens and Kids Murals – Italian and European Wall Murals – Removable Wallpaper

This is print PERFECT for a bedroom or livingroom! So, here is to less cheaters and more cheetahs!

Enjoy your day!!!

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6 Room Painting Tips that will Save you Time and Money!

You probably wouldn’t expect it considering I have a wallpaper and wall mural business but I actually also love a freshly painted room. So, I thought I would share my favorite Painting tips that may help you in your next room makeover. 

1. My first tip is immediately change your lightbulbs to a Natural Light Light Bulb.  You will notice these bulbs have a gray tone. Gray is the most neutral color and the best to see the true shade of color that you are looking at. Most graphic artists and printing shops have a color booth with gray walls to see that colors are printing properly. If your light is too yellow or pink, it will change how you see the color. Pretty inexpensive precaution (rather than re-painting when you have the wrong color).

2. Cut those paint chips and separate them. Sometimes it’s really confusing to see which shade you like when they are all lumped together. If you cut and separate them, you are seeing them independently and picking your favorites is MUCH easier! …and please make sure you pick good paint. Almost all the pros use Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore paints. 

 3. Get samples of your Top 3 Colors whenever possible. Buying a small jar of your top 2 colors and painting wide strips of the color, living with it, and THEN making that decision will save you time, stress and money. Nothing is worse that re-painting a room because you realize you can’t live with the color…and believe me, I have done this MANY, MANY times (just ask my poor husband). 

4. TAPE! Unless you are an expert, tape the room along all edges. I know this is a pain (and it has always been my job in this family) but it must be done. It will save you from freaking out when you accidentally paint the ceiling or window casing and it just won’t come off. 

5. Make sure to remove all the switch covers. You really do not want to accidentally paint over those. Especially is you have upgraded to the really cute and expensive ones. 

6. Now, this one is a little odd but I have found it to be a life saver. Blow dry the edges of your paint tape. Usually, edging is the last thing you do. And by that time you are a little anxious and maybe you remove the tape before it is perfectly dry. You will notice a choppy line that is anything but chic. Spending a little time drying the edges by the paint tape with a hair dryer will give you those clean lines you are looking for. 

Congratulations! You should have a perfectly painted room in your favorite color!

Now, maybe you want to add some drama and add a wall mural to one wall? 

Come visit us at www.customizedwalls.com to pick out your favorite one! 

Personalizing Your Mural

Many of our customers LOVE the Personalization choices at http://www.customizedwalls.com. From adding a favorite saying, to a name, to clip art, to photos of you or your family members. Personalization is the best way to take one of our images (that you LOVE) and make it your own!

Here, we took one of our Stock Images and added the name of a customer’s daughter. Don’t you think she will just FLIP when she sees her name on her wall?

Here, we took one of our stock images and colored it to match the clients furniture. We can very closely match many of the paint colors offered by Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams. What a great way to make sure that your mural or wallpaper accent really goes with the room!

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

As always,

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Design Ideas That Can Really Tie in a Room

Well, Everyone seems to know how easy it is to peel-and-stick one of our murals. But what many of you DON’T know is that our Stick-On Fabric can be used on many surfaces. We have had customers use it for cabinets, doors, desks, drawer covers, dishwashers, refrigerator doors, lamp shades, and more!

Here are some ideas that I think would work well:

In this room, we custom designed the wallpaper to match the wardrobe door handle. We think it would look even better with a smaller version of the same image with reversed color. (white with green paws) stuck in the under-bed drawers and maybe even on the computer desk.
This is a image that was designed and uploaded by one of our clients. He loves the graffiti look and was happy to add it to the walls. Later, he installed the same print to his kitchen cabinets and the ceiling in his open area loft. 
We always tell our customers, you are only limited by your imagination. 
And as always:

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