Redecorating Your Bedroom with Wall Murals!

Hi all! Hope you had a FANTASTIC weekend!

After an EXHAUSTING day of cleaning my house, I sat down with a glass of wine and pinned away on I LOVE this site. I do pin my murals for some marketing but I really love to look at all the home decor, recipes, and more. It gives me so much inspiration to be creative as possible as I can in my new business

So, as I was pinning, I saw some absolutely GORG bedrooms that I would very much love as is but imagined what wall murals I would pick from my selection to tszuj up…if you know what I’m saying… 😉

LOVE this bedroom and Chartreuse is one of my new fav colors!

Now, Imagine it with this cool LA Sunset. You like?

I do like this VERY formal and grown-up bedroom but….

Change the brown to MATCH the Beige and this would give a dramatic point of interest to an otherwise boring room!

Love this room! But If we replaced the pink cherry blossoms with this…

I love that it adds the pink to plum and mimics the circles you see in the chandelier. I might pump up the plum to really match the paint color

What do you think?

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Installation Video:




Gorgeously Purple Bedroom.

One of my favorite colors has always been purple. When I was little, I went away for girl scout camp and my parents surprised me by re-decorating my room with my favorite color. I still remember the light purple walls, my pretty white bed, and my new white comforter set with dainty purple flowers. 

If I were re-designing my dream purple bedroom now, these are some things I know I would just have to have:

“Retro Glamour” Chandelier – Horchow


Have you ever seen a more glamourous chandelier in your whole life? Dreamy!

DKNY Floral Garden Duvet Cover from Donna Karan Home

I would LOVE this bedding! It is just the right amount of crisp white with a splash of purple. Lovely!

Lattice Ooh La La Armchair, Mauve | PBteen

A Pair of these lattice chairs would be wonderful for sitting with a good friend and having a nice long chat or just getting ready in the morning. 

I would change the black to Purple to match from

I love this pattern! Since Customized Walls can colorize many of our images, I would change the black to match the purple. I think it would fit perfectly in my dream purple bedroom.

I love it! How about you?