The Great Gatsby 2013 Remake and the Coming Art Deco Trend

The Great Gatsby Art Deco Revival

The Great Gatsby Book

I don’t know about you, but I have ALWAYS loved the book  The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald since I first read it as required reading in high school . If you have never had the opportunity to read it, go out and get a copy and thank me later. You will be swept up in a tragic love story gone wrong set in the glittering world of 1920’s wealth, jazz, and bootlegger royalty. I wish I could go back now and read it with you for the first time.

Most people have seen the 1974 movie starring hunky Robert Redford and flawless Mia Farrow. The dreamy sets and gorgeous costumes brought to life this amazing work  of literature.


Well, we are about to be flooded with remake commercials now starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan (what I think is a perfect cast to take on this story) coming out in May 2013. If the stills are anything to go by, I think we are in for a real visual treat!

The-Great-Gatsby remake

But how does this effect decor?

When a film or book is epic enough it infects our social subconscious and moves us to new design trends. For as long as there have been books and movies, they have been a big part in setting trends in fashion, interior design, and general “IN” Style. Think Breakfast at Tiffany’s and the little black dress with quirky glam decor or Flash Dance and off the shoulder sweatshirts with industrial 80’s neon decor.

I see Art Deco and all its flowing romance and glittering opulence showing itself again as a trend in fashion and interior design in 2013.

the great gatsby style reference

I have already added art decor wallpaper patterns to our catalog at

My favorite is this beige and gray pattern that I fell in love with:

1-IMG_0702 copy

What do you think of the Art Deco trend?

Will you run out and buy a sequins fringe dress or a gorgeous art deco vintage piece?