Tuesday Trend Alert- Pixels! Even Wall Murals!

Hello from RAINY NH! 

Yesterday we had just the smallest but certainly gorgeous bit of sunshine. I hopped outside for a walk and am so glad I did…Because today, we are back to a winning week worth of RAIN! UGH! These dark and dreary days can be a bit depressing so I really do try to do anything I can to keep my mood up (like watching re-runs of the Golden Girls or Veronica Mars when I can sneak away).

Another way to keep my mood going? Trend Hunting…Yup, I like to scour the internet for the hottest trends and try like heck to make sure that my business says hot and sassy. Even as I speak, I have about 100 images sitting in my database to be cataloged and added to the site. You will have to stay tuned because some of the images are SURE to become BEST SELLERS! 

So, on this fine Tuesday, Let’s talk Pixels!

I have been in the printing business since I got out of college. My first job was at a printer supply company that sold everything from rolls of paper to gorgeous silk and my customers made signs to fine art reproduction. I have to admit, I was always drawn to the art side and probably have sold more canvas and watercolor paper than Michaels Crafts! And in all that time the bane of our existence was PIXELS! To make a really nice reproduction, you need smooth transitions of color. If we had a pixelated image, we started over…

So you can color me shocked that the latest craze is pixels. Who knew? But I do have to admit that I LIKE it! Below you will find my best and coolest examples of pixels. 

I Love this Bag! 

A Pixel Couch would rock in my pad (and may hide all the spilled juice stains from the kids)

Maybe my next Halloween Costume?

Pixels on your wall would be easy peasy at www.customizedwalls.com. We can even pixelate ANY image. Just email me at laurie@customizedwalls.com

So, What do you think of this hot, new trend? Love it or hate it? Drop me a comment and lemme know what you think…..

Ciao for Now! 



One thought on “Tuesday Trend Alert- Pixels! Even Wall Murals!

  1. This is crazy, I can't believe you posted this because I totally noticed this trend everywhere in the past couple weeks too! Even while watching a Bruins game last week, one of the commentators had a pixelated tie on. Its a crazy cool look. Love your finds on it here!

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