Tuesday Trend Alert: Power Stripes

Today’s Tuesday Trend Alert: Power Stripes!

Have you ever been to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC? I am always hit in the face with color and imagination. Particularly the rainbow colored floor. 

Floor of MoMA

This floor is an art piece unto itself. It shows a tribute to color. A vibrant display that just exudes energy. And I have noticed it among my searches for these bright stripe patterns are becoming quite the trend. 

This Stairway is so fun!

Ombre Placemats from the MoMA store..colorful and fun

A Make your own version of the MoMA floor in a dining room. Painters tape can be your FRIEND!
And we have a few customized walls that would help you achieve this bright and happy feeling in  your very own space. You can place onto a floor, wall, ceiling bookcase or more for a great pop of color that will be sure to brighten even your darkest day. 

www.customizedwalls.com Great for a kitchen!

This would be fun in almost any room!

I would use this as an accent. On the interior of a bookcase or panels of a drawer.

More muted version for less color adventurous! www.customizedwalls.com
I love this trend and hope you do too!

Please feel free to check out our website www.customizedwalls.com 


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