Website videos!

Well, we accomplished something pretty fantastic last week! Two new productions for Customized Walls.

It was a hot and sticky weekend but I really needed to get going with a video that showed how to use our peel and stick fabric for murals, wallpaper, etc. I had come up with an idea a few weeks ago to use the kids. I thought it would be cute PLUS show how easy it is to use Customized Walls. First, I came up with a shot list of all things you can stick CW to and things you shouldn’t stick it to.

Check out the video

We also wanted to do an installation video showing off how easy Customized Walls is to put up. We had two of the 10 yr olds put it up and I think the video came out terrific! I hope you enjoy these. Lots of hard work went in…including some actual sweat and tears…BUT it is done! And, we are pretty proud of it!

Click the video to view

Hope you enjoy! Have a fabulous weekend!


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